Well.ca Labs is a showcase of the technology behind the Canadian e-commerce site, Well.ca

Technology Overview

Hi there! We’re the software development team at Well.ca that designs the software that drives our website.

Small Team, Big Software

The software behind Well.ca is developed by a small team of determined developers. We create innovative, smile-inducing solutions to complex problems.


We Specialize in Large Scale e-Commerce

As we developed Well.ca, the biggest challenges we faced were handling the sheer size of our store in the areas of speed, scaling, findability, recommendations, back-end mangagement, customer-service, and broad advertising.

Key Features

An Ajax Interface

All of our front-end (and back-end) software is AJAX enabled, allowing for fun, flowing, and smooth user interfaces.

The Coolest Shopping Cart

Our shopping cart – on the right-hand side of every page – is jam-packed with features and information, decreasing confusion and increasing conversions.

Our search is the most common tool that our users use to explore our website. We work hard to make it extremely easy to use, fun, fast, and relevant. Our search software supports rich autocomplete, spelling corrections, ranked sorting, and ease of use.


imWell is our home-built live chat software.


We built our own back-end logistic system, from scratch. Barcodes, handheld computers, and digital shipping systems all work together to quickly move orders through our warehouse.